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The Oldsmobile Northern Lights Chapter is a car club dedicated to all Oldsmobiles 1897 to present. Ownership of an Oldsmobile is not compulsory.



Well, I hope this newsletter finds everyone in good health. It’s crazy times right now. It’s also the first time in the club’s history that we’ve had to cancel the Rocket Round Up. OK wait, not cancelled…postponed. It has the same result. There is no car show this year, but if we cancel it, next years show will be the 28th show which won’t be true. So by postponing it, the 27th Rocket Round Up will be held on July 17, 2021. On to better things.

How would you like to have a chance to win a 1969 Hurst/Olds? How about the first one made…car number 1? Fusick Automotive, which can be found on our sponsors page, is having a contest. It is open to residents of Canada (except Quebec) and the USA (except Oregon). I know that for Québec residents to enter, the one giving the prize away, has to have that prize in their possession. If you’re giving away a million dollars for example, Québec says you have to have the million dollars in your possession and not rely on tickets sales to get the million dollars. Not sure if Oregon has the same consumer protection law.

Anyway, you can find more details on our Facebook page. Apparently, there is no purchase necessary however it looks like it’s for a good cause. If you win and Fusick wants you there, they will pay your airline ticket. Read the rules and the small print, so you know the details. Good luck to all who enter.

And speaking of the club Facebook page, it’s a great way to get up-to-date information between newsletters. There are a lot of people who have joined the page who are not members of the club. What’s holding you back. There are some good discussions there.

From what I’ve seen in the Edmonton area at least, is that cruise nights are still going on. Most are honouring the 2 metre distance rules and some are wearing masks. Canada has flattened the curve in every province and the number of infections are going down nationwide (out of 37.5 million people we had 279 new infections last week) while deaths have dropped significantly as well (8 in the last week). All our PPE is domestically produced and we don’t need to rely on others to obtain it as Canadian businesses from coast to coast to coast, have re-tooled to make what our heath care workers needed to save lives. Canadian doctors and nurses were even crossing the border into Michigan and New York to help overwhelmed medical staff there, save American lives. Hopefully we can get our numbers even lower as we don’t want this thing to take off again after all the isolating we did a few months ago. We don’t want that to be for nothing. Until we can get together again, stay strong, stay safe and have a great Canada Day 2020.


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